Coaching Academy

Coaching Empowerment and Development Program

We are excited to announce Atalanta's Female Coaching Academy designed to train more female coaches for the high school, college and pro levels.  

We take empowering our pro athletes with the opportunities and tools needed to succeed seriously.  In partnership with Stephanie Herrick, who has worked in youth program development for over 10 years at New York Road Runner (NYRR), we have created a best practices coaching guide to onboard, provide structure and guide our pro athletes as they coach young runners in New York City.

Our best practices document lays out our coaching philosophy, goals, practice structure and tips to help our coaches build their intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. Our future plans include setting up a mentorship program where our athletes can shadow other women coaches in New York City, provide female mentees with real hands-on experience to prepare them for a career in coaching, and create a women’s coaches network where women can share ideas, best practices, and job opportunities. Look out for more information about our internship program coming in summer 2024.

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